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27 Jan A Lesson in Brainstorming

Winter. There’s a storm raging outside and here, in the office, brains are storming. We are in a team meeting trying to decipher, together, what’s the right, accurate, original concept for a new campaign for one of our customers.Brainstorming is a popular technique to break...

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07 Jan 10 Things You need to know about email Subject Lines

As you understand from our attractive and teasing opening title, this post is about the subject line of emails or newsletters (in terms of marketing, obviously), and how you should write them to drive readers to open them.Among the millions of emails being sent daily (most of which is trash), you want to be noticed, portray reliability and cause the reader to open yours. You already know that the subject line must be short, to the point, attractive and that it must drive to action. So far, no news.But it appears that this is a more complex topic. The difference between the various types of emails (sales oriented, image portrayal, business oriented or personal), the form of address, the target audience and other factors affect the way you analyze and write the subject line.
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