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29 May What B2B Digital Marketing in 2020 will look like

In less than a year’s time, the clock will make its way to the year 2020, and we will be faced with changes to our B2B Digital Marketing strategies. In this article we will explore together what the future might have in stores for us,...

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Digital Marcom

02 Mar Digital Marcom – Digital or Marcom?

Both, actually. Digital marcom is the natural transition from physical to digital and then again to physical.Marketing communications (or marcom) professionals are experts in communicating a company’s strategy, vision and values, converting them into messages that bring exposure and lead to sales....

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Email Marketing

09 Feb Writing Newsletters That Get Opened

While extremely popular and a must in any marketing strategy, writing newsletters that get opened and read is extremely challenging. You have to come up with fresh ideas all the time and make sure that the topics speak your audience’s language. You have to pay...

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Programmatic Marketing - Digital Marketing

06 Dec Programmatic Marketing – What Is It? Who Needs It?

Programmatic marketing is “the process of buying and selling media in an automated fashion”. In other words, artificial intelligence is used to decide, in real time, what ad to show, to which target audience, where and when and over which platform, that is, desktop, mobile,...

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01 Nov The Ingredients that Make a Good Blog Post

Writing a good blog post has its rules. It’s like following the recipe for your favorite cake – it has ingredients and directions that you must follow so that you get the results you want.What are the ingredients for a good blog post? The right...

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Cohort Marketing

30 May The Power of One, the Power of Many

Cohort Analysis, the New Big Data Digital Marketing The marketing world is changing. It is going through numerous transformations, which are characterized mainly by a change in the concept of focus. Today, most sophisticated marketing tactics engage less marketing channels and target more specific audiences.The days...

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