Light Up Your Start Up


So you are an entrepreneur or work in a startup. You face complex issues. You know you have to engage in intensive, intelligent marketing campaigns. But you don’t really know which activities will be most effective and how much money you should invest in them.

Xtra Mile’s marketing outsourcing services for startups is the ideal solution. From company launch, through all marketing and business activities, to penetration into international markets – we provide a flexible, modular and dynamic model that satisfies all your marketing needs. And we do it all within the budget and timeframe that you define.

We understand technology, SaaS and online sales. We have years of experience in international marketing projects, especially in IT, Hi-tech, life sciences, and low-tech. Our expertise is demonstrated by our marketing plans, in the business relationships we forge with our clients, and in our strong bonds with leading technology companies.


We know startups and the startup world. We know how to shed the right light on them. Not too soft, not too bright. Exactly the right intensity. So that the right audience sees and understands your value.