Not every company can afford a marketing department or even a full-time marketing professional. All enterprises must do marketing, but the format may be different – more flexible, more dynamic, more modular.

To help you cope with your marketing challenges without neglecting others, Xtra Mile developed the outsourced marketing model. This unique model enables you to obtain professional, top-of-the-line marketing services from seasoned professionals. We will build and execute a detailed marketing plan for you and your company, within the available budget and resources.

מנהלי שיווק marketing managers at B2B marketing agency | Xtra Mile

Marketing Managers

analyze the market, identify the competition, brand your company and prepare, together with you, a structured yet impressive marketing plan

Marcom professionals B2B

MARCOM Professionals

implement each and every task in the marketing plan according to measurable objectives that are defined with you

Creative Team B2B Outsourced Marketing |B2B צוות קריאטיב שיווק במיקור חוץ

Creative Team

produces marketing collaterals and eye catchers and make sure that you stand out in conferences, newsletters and portals.

מחלקת דיגיטל | Digital Marketing team B2B marketing agency

Digital Team

creates the content and selects the best channels, improves and measures results, and guarantees your strong digital presence

Our OS Marketing Methodology


We first get to know you closely, learn your current marketing operation, your strengths and unique selling points. We assign you a personal marketing specialist and from that moment on we are in effect your marketing team.

Together we define your vision and goals and build a marketing strategy. We prepare the action plan and start implementing it. We take ownership of each marketing move and its success. We measure each task qualitatively and quantitatively, introduce changes and improvements. Together with you, we make decisions for future actions.

We take care of your marketing so that you can concentrate on your business