The strategy has been mapped out, the plan is written. Now it’s time to do MARCOM. Marketing communications is the execution phase, the implementation of the entire marketing plan. As such, it must be carried out by experienced marketing professionals who know not only the theory but also the practice

Xtra Mile puts at your disposal a team of experts who will translate your marketing plan into specific, relevant and effective marketing activities that are right for you. Whether it’s a one-off project or as an entire mix of marketing activities, we tailor each service to your preferences.


Marcom online services | און ליין מרקום

A marketing strategy is not complete without digital marketing. Our digital team plans and executes all your online activities, from preparation of materials and content, through generating traffic to your website and converting prospects to leads, to measurement and analytics. More


Marcom offline services | מרקום אוף ליין

Traditional marketing activities (content for newspapers, print advertising, personal campaigns, and more) are a must in many B2B companies. These activities provide responses to specific needs and to specific audiences and complement your digital efforts.



Xtra Mile’s Creative and Content Departments will generate all the collaterals you need to support you in your marketing endeavors – from concept development, through the brainstorming process, to the production of the most original and accurate messages for your brand.

Graphic Design

Marcom, design studio | סטודיו, מרקום

Your visibility and look and feel are the responsibility of our very talented designers and graphic artists. They will create your brand, define the visual elements to reinforce it and design all your marketing materials to suit your business environment and needs. More

Conferences and Exhibitions

Marcom conferences, exhibitions | כנסים - מרקום

Face-to-face meetings with customers, prospects and business partners are irreplaceable. Our MARCOM managers will prepare any event for you, from concept development and design, through sales promotions and supplies to collection and classification of leads.

Advertising and Public Relations

Marcom Advertising | פירסום מרקום

An experienced team of professionals, which works very closely with leading advertising and PR companies, manages your advertising and public relations. They know how to use every platform and medium intelligently and have proven results creating winning campaigns.

We will think of a creative, effective, and impressive marketing plan for you

We will create precise MARCOM strategies suitable for your company

And we will always take the cost-benefit ratio into consideration