HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot Onboarding with a Gold Certified Marketing Agency

Xtra Mile – HubSpot B2B marketing agency

Xtra Mile is a premier certified HubSpot B2B marketing agency with many years of experience and a track record of successful go-to-market strategies.

We will put at your disposal our best practices to take your marketing automation initiative to a whole new level, and will design the optimum strategy for your business:

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 HubSpot onboarding

Our programs are designed for new or existing Hubspot customers, and all are managed by an Implementation Specialist and a Digital Marketing Manager. This ensures you get Xtra Mile’s best business and marketing

practices to leverage your marketing-automation efforts while benefiting from top technical guidance to properly configure HubSpot.

We offer three HubSpot onboarding programs:

Basic HubSpot onboarding

Xtra Mile’s methodology for performing a Basic HubSpot onboarding process includes reviewing the tasks on hand, providing detailed explanation to the customer of the required action items and review of results at the follow-up sessions.

HubSpot Hands-On onboarding and implementation

This is a program designed for organizations that want a personalized implementation experience with more advanced techniques.
Xtra Mile’s team will help you to maximize the outputs of your marketing-automation platform with your current marketing initiatives.
Our team will make sure that the marketing automation strategy and tactics are well defined, developed and properly run.

HubSpot Assessment & Optimization

This program is best suited for organization that are already working with HubSpot but feel they are not maximizing the platform’s potential.
The Xtra Mile team will conduct a “health-check” assessment, assessing the current implementation process and validating its technical and business logic. We will then provide recommendations on how to move forward and optimize your marketing-automation initiative.

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