Co Marketing

Come Together, Right Now…


Co Marketing means marketing through and with your business partners. Co Marketing reinforces the brand, the vendor, the business partner and the synergy between them all. Just like it takes two to tango, co-marketing has double strength – two budgets, two images, two of everything.

Xtra Mile, a B2B marketing agency that provides unique marketing services for the IT, hi-tech and life-science sectors, has accumulated experience in co-marketing processes. We put this knowledge into practice based on a comprehensive and structured methodology that is adapted to each of our customers’ needs.

development of a shared marketing strategy | פיתוח אסטרטגיה ובניית תכנית השיווק המשותפת

Comprehensive development of a shared strategy and marketing plan

regulations hi-tech, software industries | Co Marketing

Compliance with international standards and regulations of the hi-tech and software industries

Brand and values - Co Marketing | Xtra Mile

Preservation of international companies’ brand and values

cooperation channels - B2B Co Marketing

Identification of the optimum channels to reinforce and leverage cooperations

B2B Marketing campaigns - Co Marketing | קמפיינים

Campaigns customized to the target audiences of the business partners

measurement, ROI analysis - Co Marketing | ניתוח נתונים

Ongoing measurement, data and ROI analysis for global companies


We get to know both sides in depth – the vendor and the business partners.


We understand their relationship and sentiments. We are successful in creating campaigns that reinforce the brand and provide a platform for both.


We are extremely effective in putting our quality marketing services to work for your Co Marketing efforts.


Co Marketing Projects