29 May What B2B Digital Marketing in 2020 will look like

In less than a year’s time, the clock will make its way to the year 2020, and we will be faced with changes to our B2B Digital Marketing strategies. In this article we will explore together what the future might have in stores for us,...

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27 May Transparency of Ads through the Facebook Library

There is a new way to see what your competition is doing- Facebook Ads Library. It is true! You can now search through Facebook’s Ad Library to see a collection of ALL active adds that they are currently running....

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15 Apr What’s your story? 

Did the title make you look? Did it make you notice it among the tons of marketing content you’re exposed to? This is how it works with a good story; when it’s interesting and appealing, it gets the work done....

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18 Dec Band the Brands

Since time immemorial, marketing has been involved, first and foremost, with company branding. Employer branding, on the other hand, is a relatively new philosophy that deals with the company’s branding and messaging to candidates and existing employees.What should be the relationship between company branding...

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25 Sep Employer Branding for Professionals

Hiring talented employees in today’s dynamic markets is one of the industry’s most challenging tasks. To recruit the best professionals, how you position your company, product or service is key. You have to have an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that appeals to potential employees, specialized...

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Email marketing mistakes

30 Apr Avoid small email mistakes that can have expensive consequences

E-mail marketing mistakes seem minor but can significantly impact business performance. Below is a list of the most frequently encountered e-mail marketing mistakes. Most of them are relatively easy to avoid, and the benefits you will gain by taking the necessary steps to do so will...

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Employer Branding

21 Feb Talent mobility and diversity – the not so odd couple

At first glance, these might seem like an odd couple. Talent mobility is an internal issue, about shifting and switching people within the company both vertically and horizontally. Diversity, by contrast is achieved by a willingness to adopt a broadminded hiring culture....

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