22 May B2C Digital Marketing Tools that B2B Should Adopt

There are as many marketing strategies as there are clients. However, when it comes to digital marketing, some strategies have been split between the 'B2C' and 'B2B' categories. For some reason, B2B businesses seem reluctant to use some of the B2C tactics and marketing tools,...

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Customer Journey

14 Aug Take Your Clients on A New Journey

Everyone loves the idea of a journey. Whether it's a trek across Middle Earth, a road trip throughout the American highway system, or a space flight in a galaxy far, far away, it seems we can't get enough of quests for love, success or saving...

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Digital Marcom

02 Mar Digital Marcom – Digital or Marcom?

Both, actually. Digital marcom is the natural transition from physical to digital and then again to physical.Marketing communications (or marcom) professionals are experts in communicating a company’s strategy, vision and values, converting them into messages that bring exposure and lead to sales....

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Email Marketing

09 Feb Writing Newsletters That Get Opened

While extremely popular and a must in any marketing strategy, writing newsletters that get opened and read is extremely challenging. You have to come up with fresh ideas all the time and make sure that the topics speak your audience’s language. You have to pay...

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Programmatic Marketing - Digital Marketing

06 Dec Programmatic Marketing – What Is It? Who Needs It?

Programmatic marketing is “the process of buying and selling media in an automated fashion”. In other words, artificial intelligence is used to decide, in real time, what ad to show, to which target audience, where and when and over which platform, that is, desktop, mobile,...

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Employer Branding

17 Nov Employer Branding for Savvy Candidates

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold” (Proverbs 22:1). The principle behind this passage is self-explanatory, and as valid today as it was when it was originally written. Today, branding is at the...

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05 Jan Digital Marketing Is Dead, Long Live Digital Marketing

Do you think that announcing the death of digital marketing is outrageous? After all, only a few years ago we buried traditional marketing (print is dead, long live digital!), and talked about digital becoming mainstream. So digital indeed became mainstream, perhaps even too mainstream. We don’t...

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