Biotech & medical


Outsourced marketing services for the medical and biotechnology sectors

Companies engaged in life sciences have unique marketing requirements, which derive from the nature of their products, their long development cycle, the need to comply with regulations and standards, the work with distributors and agents and, obviously, the business objectives of each company.

Xtra Mile has field-proven, hands-on experience marketing life-science companies, from the first development (seed) stages, through clinical trials, to launch and penetration into the market. Our expertise is based on our in-depth understanding of the unique needs of the companies in these fields. We offer a large portfolio of marketing activities for target audiences in the life sciences fields (including medical devices and biotech software solutions), which enable us to create winning marketing strategies that provide a range of marketing solutions, such as creating messages for investors, public and private health institutions, and other interested parties that want to invest in innovation.

Xtra Mile has a network of business partners in both Europe and the United States. Combined with our 4-step methodology, which we developed especially for the health sector, we ensure your business objectives are met and help you conquer new markets.



We study your organization, conduct interviews with key roles to distill the unique selling propositions of your company and create a pinpointed marketing strategy



We research the market, possible competitors, partners, offer and demand, and more. We produce and analyze business intelligence on a weekly or monthly basis



We build a tactical plan & budget, to the last detail, including objectives that are aligned to the development phases of the product/solution, and the precise way to achieve them


Take action

We take action on media campaigns, participation in biotech conferences, digital marketing activities and more that will be implemented with local distributors and business partners

Xtra Mile offers life-science companies marketing services in a range of tracks adapted to the needs and scope of work required by each company. From full marketing management, through implementation of a marketing plan in a single project, to outsourcing of marketing personnel for short or long periods of time with ongoing professional support from Xtra Mile – we care for your marketing wellbeing.

Among our clients in the biotechnology and medical sectors: