Xtra Mile is a B2B lifecycle-marketing agency that operates in Israel, Europe and the United States. With over 15 years of experience working with leading customers in the high-tech, medical and technology industries, Xtra Mile helps businesses increase customer lifetime value (CLV) while dramatically reducing customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Xtra Mile provides A-Z marketing services that drive results. From engaging new prospects with digital campaigns to create marketing qualified leads (MQLs), through account-based maximization of sales qualified leads (SQLs), to retention and increased CLV for existing customers, we are a 360-degree marketing-services provider that walks the marketing journey.

In today’s transformative economy, we integrate a coherent system that leverages customer engagement from acquisition to retention, and offer clear marketing methodologies and processes that truly improve the bottom line. We are proud of our team of seasoned professionals in all marketing fields – from digital marketing and social media experts, through content writing to marketing strategists. All this knowledge and hands-on best practices are put at the disposal of our customers and helps them succeed in today’s competitive space.

As a lifecycle-marketing agency, we do not only take care of customer-facing marketing. We also work closely with businesses in employer-branding strategies that create their unique character brands. We help companies deliver the right message to differentiate themselves among their potential employees’ market, hire top talent, and maintain the best employees through ongoing iComm activities.

At Xtra Mile, we do go the proverbial extra mile for our customers.

Who We Are


Our people are alumni of marketing departments at leading enterprises. They know, feel and breathe the marketing world inside and out, be it digital, traditional, B2B and virtually any sector.

They have accumulated mileage developing, writing, creating and executing marketing strategies, and they are all at your service. They put at your disposal their insight, experience and creativity to walk with you to your next marketing success.

Sharon Israel

Co CEO and Founder

Xtra Mile b2b marketing agency - Co-CEO and Founder

Sharon has been engaged in marketing and sales for over 15 years, and specializes in the hi-tech and IT markets. She established the branch of John Bryce in Turkey (and since then her love of Turkish delight, or lokum), was VP Marketing and Sales at John Bryce Training, and then moved to manage the partners at Ness Technologies. In 2007, Sharon decided to go solo and together with Erez founded Xtra Mile.

Erez Raz

Co CEO and Founder

B2B marketing agency Israel- Co-CEO and Founder

Erez specializes in operations, marketing and sales in the hi-tech and low-tech industries. He lived four years in New York, where he consulted for North and Latin American customers. When he got tired of hamburgers, he returned to Israel to serve as BI Manager at Ness Technologies. After five years, he decided to go independent (together with Sharon) and created Xtra Mile, for themselves and for other companies.

Adi Zabib

Marketing Manager

Marcom Manager - Xtra Mile

Adi is young but has already managed sales at IT companies and studied business administration. He then came to Xtra Mile to turn customers into happy customers. When he’s not writing poetry, he writes marketing strategies. When he’s not performing at bars, he participates in the conferences he organizes for our customers.

Orly Nesher

Senior Marketing Consultant

Orly Nesher

Orly is a senior marketing executive with over 20 years of experience is marketing, specializing in the Hi-Tech B2B markets. She served as VP marketing at Starhome and headed the Integrated Marketing teams at NICE , moving on to serve as senior consultant with leading companies like Verint, Optimal Plus, Gigaspaces Elmo and others. in 2017 Orly Joined XtraMile as senior strategic consultant.

Shiri Ogorinsky

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager - Xtra Mile marketing agency

Shiri comes to manage Xtra Mile’s human resources after working at Bezeq, International, an Internet and international telecommunications services provider, and a consulting tenure at Deloitte. Shiri has a BA in psychology and sociology, and an MA in business administration. With her experience, all you have to do is leave her to interview potential candidates and she’ll detect the right ones immediately.

Tal Chaitas

Head of Digital Department

Tal Chaitas

Tal is a seasoned digital marketing manager. He came to us after working for several years at one of Israel’s leading advertising agencies.

Like many of our people, Tal is a multi-talented guy. An accomplished amateur chef, he loves to conjure up (and eat) wonderful things in his kitchen. Rumor has it that before his hairline receded, he he used to be an ace in a bowling alley, and was on the Israeli national team.

Orly Zukerman

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Orly strikes the balance between the material and the spiritual, with a Bachelor’s in middle eastern studies and a decade of experience in sales. Orly’s main expertise lies in the worlds of technology and innovation, and she always has her finger on the pulse of the industry. As a dedicated Iron Woman, Orly in not afraid of a challenge. She runs, swims and rides bikes regularly. Give her an objective, and Orly will find the fastest way to get there!

Hadar Ben Moshe

Marcom Manager

Marcom Manager - B2B Marketing Israel

Hadar lives in the moment and that moment is now with Xtra Mile. She’s a young but experienced Marcom manager that researches absolutely everything. Prior to Xtra Mile, she was Marcom manager at a high-tech recruitment company. She comes to us in search for original and brilliant ideas. Luckily for us and for our customers, she’s already found a few.

Vicky Girenok

Marketing Automation Specialist

Media Digital Manager - Marketing Agency Israel

Our Media Digital Manager is a cosmopolitan woman. She has a BA and MA in literature and journalism from Russia, and loves to travel to India and other countries. At the moment, most of her journeys are into digital media channels, to which she adds a lot of originality.

Tamar Spector

Graphic Designer


Tamar is a graduate of the Technion’s Division of Continuing Education. For 25 years now she has been living and breathing design, day and night (less roughly 3,084 hours that she dedicates to Yoga), with great passion. She brings her skills and experience to Xtra Mile so we can offer them to you.

Shirley Regev

Operations Manager

Operations Manager at B2B marketing agency

Shirley has a rare talent for multitasking and a special touch with people. She has answers for everything, always contributes creative solutions and is an out-of-the-box thinker. From the moment Shirley took over of the operations and finance departments are Xtra Mile, everything and everybody, from vendors to the last employee, work in unison.

Vered Ben Nun

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager at B2B agency - Xtra Mile

Vered came to Xtra Mile after working as Senior Supervisor at Direct Marketing companies, and from day one has been managing important projects for her customers. As a Major in Israel’s reserve army, she treats her work like a military mission: she studies the territory and plans the attack to the minutest detail. No wonder that all her campaigns are big wins.

Lior Lan

Marcom Manager

Marcom Manager at Xtra Mile

Lior is a marketing and Marcom manager with lots of experience, especially in electronics and medicine. She began her career producing conventions and exhibitions, which is still her first love. Lior excelled in all her studies. Lior reaches every objective we set for her in no time so she’s always busy.

Maya Weiss

Marcom Manager


Maya came to us from BI, where she was considered an up and coming young MarCom Manager. She was born and raised on a moshav (co-op rural settlement), and retains its down to earthiness, despite having relocated to Tel Aviv (the city that never sleeps) and become a typical Tel Aviv party girl who takes full advantage of the city’s vibrant night life. Maya loves travelling and hiking, and most of all diving. She has an MBA in Marketing.

Hadar Zohar

Marcom Manager

hadar Z

Hadar joined Xtra-Mile after working for several years as a marketing coordinator at the Israel Export Institute, helping medical technology companies enter new markets.
Her high-level energies are not limited to the office. A keen runner, she takes a nocturnal run almost every morning, faithfully accompanied by Guinness, her Boxer-Ridgeback best friend.
In what’s left of her spare time she likes to take nature hikes, preferably overseas, and gets on a plane whenever she can.
She has a BA in Communications & Management.

Liraz Shvartz

Office  Manager

Liraz - Office Manager

In an office like ours, we needed no less than a social worker to manage our operations. Enter Liraz. As the office manager, Liraz makes sure our office is always at its best, and handles all the tiny details with a lot of talent and a wide smile. Liraz presents a unique combination of a nanny and a military sergeant: Cares for our well-being on one hand, and ensures we won’t wreck the office on the other.